Alumni follow up

The monitoring of alumni is an action by the graduate Programs that CAPES - Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel - uses as a criterion for evaluating the stricto sensu graduate programs in Brazil.

This form has the objective of evaluating the formative process, the identification of the professional profile of graduates, their insertion in the workforce and the applicability of academic knowledge to the professional life. As such, the data collected from this form will be included in the report that PPEDU will submit to CAPES, via the Sucupira Platform, and may be used to support the Graduate Program in Education at the State University of Londrina in the event of restructuring of the Program.

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PPEdu graduates are requested to answer the questions below available on the Google Docs form.



Alumni Information

The document below contains data from a survey of alumni conducted by the PPEdu:

Alumni data


Alumni Reports

Alumni can provide an account of their experiences in the program and after conclusion by completing the form below:



Alumni List


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