The Program for Graduate studies in Education (PPEdu) at the State University of Londrina (UEL) is linked to the Center of Education, Communication and Arts (CECA) and the Department of Education (EDU).

In operation since 1994, the PPEdu has School Education as its focus area. Its mission is to train, at the master's, doctoral, and post-doctoral internship levels, qualified professionals to carry out research, teaching and other activities related to education in school environments and in different levels and modalities.

General objective: To train and graduate teacher-researchers in the educational field for the school situation in its different levels and modalities.

Specific objectives: (a) to theoretically and methodologically subsidize the creation and proposition of programs and institutional actions in the light of philosophical and scientific knowledge; (b) to provide and instrumentalize the production of knowledge drawing on reflection and critical analysis of the teacher's role, aiming at understanding the school and the processes related to teaching, learning and human development; and, (c) to understand school education as a historically-constructed social practice, considering the implicit political processes for its realization, as possibilities for analysis.

Target Audience: The Program is aimed at graduates from Pedagogy majors and other licentiates, professionals who work in basic education, in its various stages and modalities, as well as professors teaching in higher education.


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