Considering the knowledge produced in research within the scope of the PPEdu, the teachers, students, and graduates of the Program teach courses, lectures, workshops, and promote events aimed at the initial and continuing education of teachers, social educators, and managers. Among the activities are themes such as:

  • Learning and psychoeducational assessment;
  • Basic education curriculum;
  • Human development at school;
  • Didactics in higher education;
  • Historical and philosophical education;
  • Inclusive Education;
  • Lingua Franca teaching;
  • Teaching in early childhood education, early years, and high school;
  • Reader education and literacy;
  • History of educational institutions and the construction of school culture collections;
  • Textbook;
  • Educational Motivation;
  • People with special educational needs;
  • Basic education policy and management;
  • Digital technologies in education.

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