PPEdu teachers and students work in programs, networks, and extension projects aimed at improving educational processes and human formation. Actions such as:

  • Project "Social inclusion in the context of school education: challenges, possibilities and propositions through the actions carried out at the PPEdu at UEL" - which has the general objective of carrying out educational social insertion actions involving PPEdu's teachers and students from bridges between the knowledge derived from the Program's research lines.
  • The "Pedagogical Workshops” project, integrated to the Laboratory of Early Years (LAI), which aims to develop activities that strengthen the continued training of teachers through reflection on the pedagogical practices developed and the exchange of experiences.
  • Project MEL - Londrina School Museum - which aims to preserve the building of the "Urandy Andrade Correia" School-House, which also housed a Japanese Association, installing it at the UEL, so that a School Museum may be created, installed and offered to the population in general.
  • Project "The Reform of High School with Law 13.415/2017: paths of state and federal high school networks", has enabled an approach with the state and federal network of basic education through the continuing education of teachers, with the aim of understanding the current educational policies for high school.
  • The "Ganhando o Mundo" project offers distance learning English language courses to 500 students from Paraná. These students will go on educational exchange programs in four countries.
  • Project "Techninas - science and technology for girls” - which focuses on learning the subjects of Exact Sciences based on projects aimed at students from public schools in Londrina located in regions of high social vulnerability.
  • Project "DIDATIC and teacher training for remote teaching" (https://ueldidatic.wixsite.com/website) which aims to support teachers in understanding and using digital technologies as mediating tools for educational and didactic-pedagogical activities.
  • Project "Blog Baguncei" (http://www.baguncei.com.br/) - a virtual space for dialogue with teachers of Early Childhood Education for the dissemination and socialization of scientific knowledge in the format of teaching materials, videos, interviews, articles, dissertations, and theses in the area.
  • The "Ludoteca/UEL" program, which serves children and teenagers from the community, as well as assisting other institutions in setting up ludotecas, with the aim of rescuing the importance of playtime and playful activities, considered fundamental to the intellectual development and physical, mental, and emotional health of human beings.
  • Programs - PIBID, Residência Pedagógica, PARFOR - that integrate the national teacher education policy, the UEL undergraduate courses and the Basic Education of Londrina and region.
  • PDE-PR - a program that aims at the continued education of teachers for the State Basic Education of Paraná.

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