PPEdu Strategic Plan for Internationalization (PEI-PPEdu)

he Strategic Plan for Internationalization by PPEdu (PEI-PPEdu) understands internationalization not as isolated, episodic and self-focused actions, but as a process for integration and cooperation of international, intercultural and global spheres toward scientific, educational, technological and cultural advancement to produce knowledge, as well as to generate opportunity for professional academic training and social change.

For creating the PEI-PPEdu, the situational reality of the Program, the Strategic Plan for Internationalization of Research and Graduate Studies (PEI-PPG of UEL 2018-2022) and the strategic guidelines and debates on internationalization of research and Brazilian graduate studies undertaken by CAPES, CNPq, Area 38-CAPES, FORPRED, ANPED were taken into consideration. We also considered the results pointed out in the PPEdu's self-assessment process.

Briefly, the PEI is composed of four integrating axes that trigger their respective goals, actions, and verification indicators:

Axis 1

Cooperation and Research – to increase international cooperation through the development of international collaborative research projects.

Axis 2

Intellectual Production – to increase scientific publication (texts in indexed journals, books/collections, proceedings of events) of international standard, preferably in journals with a high impact factor, open access and stratified as "A1 or A2" in the Qualis CAPES.

Axis 3

Academic Mobility and Performance – to increase international cooperation by sending students and faculty abroad, as well as attracting foreign faculty and students to PPEdu.

Axis 4

Bilingual environment and visibility – to develop the capabilities of the academic community; Increase the visibility of the scientific academic activities developed at the PPEdu.


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