PPEdu is organized into three Research Lines, subdivided into seven cores:

Line 1 - Philosophical, Historical, Political and Cultural Perspectives on Education

Systematic reflection on education drawn from Philosophy and Education, History of Education, Educational Policies, and Cultural Practices, focusing on pedagogical processes, school dynamics, and the construction of knowledge. This line is organized into three cores:

Core 1: Philosophy and Education

Objective: Develop research that deals with the possible relations between Philosophy and Education and offers contributions to the understanding of educational problems.

Core 2: History, Culture, School and Teaching.

Objective: Develop research in the following fields: history of education; history teaching; history education; memory; heritage; culture and school culture; knowledge and practices in different educational spaces.

Core 3: Educational Policies

Objective: Study public policies in the international and national contexts, their effects on the development of the educational system, and the school context at different levels.


Line 2 - Teaching: Knowledge and Practices

The actions by participants converge towards the production of knowledge on teaching, taking knowledge and practices in pedagogical, psychological, and epistemological aspects into consideration, aiming at education that is committed to the needs of the school context, in the various levels and modes of education. The course is organized in two cores:

Core 1: Teacher Training

Objectives: Develop teaching and research activities, focusing on aspects related to the initial and continuing education of teachers.

Core 2: Teaching Action

Objectives: Develop teaching and research activities, focusing on didactic-pedagogical and motivational aspects of teaching.


Line 3 - Learning and Human Development in school contexts

The actions by teachers converge on investigations into daily life at schools, teaching, learning, and human development processes. This line is organized into two cores:

Core 1: Learning, Human Development and Schooling

Objective: Carry out research in school institutions focusing on the interaction among its subjects; pedagogical practices; school organization and its institutional aspects.

Research Topics: Everyday school life; learning to teach; social representations and education; reading - practices and strategies; games and processes of cognitive and socio-affective construction; resilience; schooling and institutional aspects.

Core 2: Special Education

Objective: Carry out research focusing on the education of people with special educational needs (SEN), regarding educational policies; the interactions in the school routine; the teaching-learning process; the pedagogical practices; and the training of its professionals.

Research Topics: Inclusive education: theoretical and practical aspects; teacher training/human resources for working with students with SEN; schooling of people with SEN at different levels of education; processes of stigmatization in everyday school life; educational policies for the schooling of students with SEN.


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